Ahlstrom-Munksjö has its roots in Swedish and Finnish know-how about natural fibers. The company as it is today was founded in April 2017 by joining Ahlstrom and Munksjö together.

But before that, each company has been a cornerstone of Finland and Sweden’s economy: Ahlstrom was founded in 1851 by Antti Ahlstrom and is one of Finland’s oldest and most respected companies, working with wood and fibers. Today the family is still involved in the business. Munksjö was created around the same period in 1862 by Janne Lundström and Lars Johan Hierta to work in the paper business and has been one of the most innovative paper companies in Sweden.

Today, Ahlstrom-Munksjö has 6,000 employees and total of 41 production and converting sites in 14 countries.

Antti Ahlstrom
An Ahlstrom paper mill circa 1920
Munksjö first plant

At your service

Your contact: one person you know

While our organization stretches worldwide, we believe that direct contact is best. At Ahlstrom-Munksjö, you have a single and local sale contact to create an easy and time-efficient account management

Supported by a team of experts

Our Technical team (Technical Customer Service & product manager) is happy to support you for any needs and the two R&D centers resources in France are there for deeper investigations.

Sturdy logistics

All our products are packed in robust packaging for overseas shipments.

Vision, mission and values


At Ahlstrom-Munksjö, we advance the capabilities of what fiber-based materials can do.

In partnership with our customers, we innovate solutions that make their businesses more efficient and sustainable.

By challenging the boundaries for how to use fiber in various applications we strive to improve end-user experiences, all across the globe.

Every day and everywhere, we are always close, significantly contributing to a more sustainable world.



To be the pioneer in sustainable and innovative fiber-based solutions, partnering with our customers towards global success.


Expanding the role of fiber-based solutions for a sustainable everyday life.

Brand payoff: Imagine fiber

We have only seen the beginning of what fiber-based materials and solutions can be used for. Taking on the role as an innovative market and category leader will demand us pushing both our own and our customers’ mental boundaries. Our payoff manifests the role we see fiber can take in our society, underlining our common denominator within the company and what our core contribution is about.

Most importantly, we see fiber as the starting point, not the end game. The role we take and the value it creates varies all throughout the value chain and the associations

We combine long-term commitment with the courage to prioritize

  • Building long-term relationships within and outside our company, based on clear strategic choices, trust, respect and engagement.

We act as one and empower individuals

  • Focusing on collaboration and common targets while delivering results through applying a pragmatic approach, a safety mindset and clear accountability.

We are proud yet passionate to improve and innovate

  • Recognizing our achievements and being innovative and open to change to become more sustainable and increase the value for our customers, owners and employees.

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Ahlstrom-Munksjö is one of the world's leading players in sustainable and innovative fiber solutions.
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