Steaming applications

« Ahlstrom-Munksjö Parchment cooking paper is your natural partner for steaming»

Why use parchment for a steaming application like Dim Sum?

Parchment is made using a very special technology, and while the end result is 100% cellulose (therefore natural, compostable and safe); it has some of the characteristics of plastic, like extreme wet resistance (yet with breathability) and excellent natural release.

Parchment allows faster, easier and safer cleaning techniques for all the potential users.

Parchment is particularly adapted to:

Industrial Dim Sum production facilities:

Parchment is tough enough for your industrial process

  • Our papers have unique wet strength to keep your line clean and your dumplings perfectly steamed.
  • Optimize your production process thanks to very good dimensional stability even in frozen or humid environments
  • When there is no cross contamination risk, parchment can be used several times in your process, therefore making the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) very competitive

Professional kitchens that prepare Dim Sum like central kitchens or chain restaurants:

Parchment gives your guests a safe and consistent experience in your restaurant

  • Parchment is safe & hygienic
    • Parchment is made of 100% natural fibers of cellulose, nothing else
    • Your guests can safely enjoy their dish as the single use protection ensures there is no cross contamination
  • Parchment is discrete and natural
    • No taste, no smell, a discrete pure white color: your guests will forget that it’s there and will be able to focus on the food you prepared for them
    • You can also let your guests know that you are participating to the efforts to make the planet better as parchment is 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Parchment protects your creations
    • The release properties of parchment make it ideal to steam your Dim Sum on and make sure the Dim Sum are not sticking to the steaming basket
  • Compared to a silicon mat, our parchment allows you to reduce cleaning time, hence avoid repetitive strain injury and reduce labor cost

And if you are a paper converter:

  • Parchment allows you to complete your product portfolio for industrial users or distribution to the restaurant owners with an exclusive, qualitative, prestigious European product
  • Genuine Vegetable Parchment offers excellent runnability to deliver high yield on converting lines

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