Other Cooking Products

  • We carry a full range of baking papers that can be used for several end-use applications such as consumer rolls, steaming and pan liners for restaurants as well as rolled dough.

    Additionally, when Genuine Vegetable Parchment is laminated to a board or micro-corrugated board it can be used for food containers, molds, trays and so much more.

    Here is a list of our main products

    • Aderpack®: sheets and rolls for single use
    • Unibake® parchment: sheets and rolls with up to 4 reuses
    • Grillon ® parchment: sheets and rolls with 10 reuses or more
    • NatureMold™ Classic parchment : 100% Genuine Vegetable Parchment, good for most bakery uses
    • NatureMold™ Doublet parchment: Genuine Vegetable Parchment laminated to a board, for more rigid uses

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